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Project Services personnel are performing construction management and inspection services in the manufacturing process, the fabrication process and the installation process of the materials and equipment used in the oil and gas industry. These services are performed in both the onshore and the offshore arenas worldwide.

Our range of services:

Engineering Services


Peninsular Offshore Systems offer design, testing, commissioning, maintenance and trouble shooting of instruments and logic systems including complex instrument loops, valve and actuation systems, control panels, electric relay and motor controls and all kinds of pneumatics and hydraulics systems.


We offer expertise in fluid control design, programming of PLC or DCS, and testing of these systems at actual site conditions to ensure the seamless integration with other components of the whole plant network.


Our project management capabilities encompass attending of initial package kick-off meetings, review and approval of the overall detailed engineering design with respect to the overall system philosophy and to ensure compliance with the scope of work, and current specifications, standards and regulations.


Site Services

Peninsular Offshore Systems crew of engineers will inspect existing valves and controls to advise the suitable option for upgrade and repair. The conditions and the correct way to carry out the maintenance program is accessed during the site visit.


We will advise the suitable materials, the installation procedure, the schedule and maintenance procedure. Our crew also able to offer the customer with start up services where our engineers will participate in the whole platform commissioning, in addition to throuble shooting, repair, maintenance or upgrade programs.


Electrical Wiring

Our engineers will run, mark, terminate and test every connection of power and instrument cabling. We select and install cables, cable glands, transit systems and termination boxes to suit the hazardous area requirement.


Final full systems test to ensure the operation of the systems before final commissioning with witness by the clients is part of our quality procedure.


Valve Retrofit and Repair


Our engineering crew are able to access the condition of existing valves in need of repair, maintenance or automation without removal and shutdown.


In cases where manual valves are to be automated, we will first determine the torque requirement per existing conditions, then the correct actuator and control selected. Our engineers are experienced in mounting and testing of actuators on existing valves, without removing the valves from the line.


Tubing and Fitting


We will install tubing and fittings with support trays for pneumatic and hydraulic lines. Structural beam support are also fabricated by us in accordance with site conditions.


Existing tubing that needs to be decommissioned or re-routed are carried out by us. The right selection of tubing sizes and quantity, and support trays, will be advised by us.


Again the system will be tested for correctness and leaks before commissioning.


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