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Peninsular Offshore Systems provides custom control solutions for the offshore & onshore oil & gas industries which includes the supply of process & safety control systems & instruments. We specialize in process control, process skids, electric motor controls and valve automation. We will engineer, design, calculate based upon a requested operation, and upon approval from our clients, we proceed to fabricate, test, install and commission. We offer expertise in all pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, relay logic and PLC panels.

Our capabilities include but not limited to the following :

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Control System Design, Fabrication, Supply and Install

Offshore Wellhead Control of Safety Valves (SCSSV, SSV) and Choke Valves
HIPPS Control Panel for High Integrity Pressure Protection of Downstream Components
Instrument Control (Pressure, Temperature, Level and Flow Control Panels)

Emergency Shutdown for Fire Protection and Safety (Fusible Plug Panels, Deluge Valve Controls for Fire Water Controls)

Valve Actuation
Blow-down and Shutdown Valves
Pneumatic , Hydraulic and Electric Valve Controls
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Piston, Diaphragm, Electric Motor , Electro-Hydraulic and Rotary Vane
Choke and Control Valve Actuation

Jacket Upending -Flooding and Venting Systems
Design of Upending Systems for Offshore Jackets
Design of Hydraulic Control System for Flooding & Venting Valves
Supply and Installation of Hydraulic Control Umbilical
Supervision and Performing Final Upending Process

Distribution / Terminal / Junction Box Design, Supply and Install
Design of Explosion Proof Enclosures and Components

Jet Fuel Pumping Units
Design, Supply and Install of Aviation Helicopter Refuelling/Dispenser/ Pumping Units on Offshore
Platform Helicopter decks

Injection and Dosing Systems
Chemical Injections Skid for Injection of Chemicals in Pipe Media


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